We're kicking the back doors in of the film industry

Pie 'n' Mash Films use new digital technology to its full advantage so as to steam roll low cost but highly entertaining performance driven films into the industry  We believe that high budget films are massive financial risks to investors i.e. a £20,000,000 budget means the film has to recoup that just to break even. Big names can earn big money, but that doesn't mean their films will! At Pie 'n' Mash we believe new talent is hungry talent. As Bill Maloney puts it "Mike Tyson would not have ended up on his arse against Lennox Lewis if it was Mike Tyson's first fight; it's all about hunger". That is just one reason why Maloney refuses to use casting directors, he says "How does someone else know what I'm looking for, or where to find them? Can they recognise passion, hunger, too much drama school emotion? No thanks, I'll do my own shopping" We are building a team of talent that is just getting stronger and stronger; from the production team to the cast and crew. 

The future of Pie 'n' Mash Films has begun on solid foundations and is guided by the right stuff. Maloney gives a magical sense of realism to black comedic social dramas. There are many eyes focused on his progress i.e. Ray Winstone, Kathy Burke, Tom Charity (Time Out), Gareth Evans (Sight & Sound), Jamie Foreman and many more names respected from within the industry. Maloney's reputation as a strict disciplinarian on set, has started to precede him and he is continuously badgered for his opinions on the new way forward with his polished dogma style of shooting. His authenticity can be seen in his gritty films: LUNATIC, THE BLUNDERERS, BILLY & LILLY GO TO NEW YORK  the harrowing SUN SEA & SATAN, AND COMING SOON: ADAM RICKWOOD & THE MEDOMSLEY HEROES and G20 RAW!

There are few edits in Maloney's scenes, they run as life does, the viewer becomes part of the scene. This method is very demanding upon the performers. None of the actors, used to date, were trained at drama school. What you see is the product of this very unusual and unorthodox writer/director/actor who is strongly predicted from within the industry to embark on a roller-coaster road to success. 

"COME ON THEN!" ... 
Maria Maloney (Producer)