Great British cutting edge feature length documentaries from Pie and Mash Films. Click on titles for more information and to VIEW FREE:

G20 RAW Bill Maloney joined in the London protests. - VIEWERS COMMENTS: 'Holy f***! How did a regular dude get a hold of a microphone and a camera? Why the f*** aren't all reporters like this?'


ADAM RICKWOOD AND THE MEDOMSLEY HEROES -                    Adam Rickwood (14) the youngest child to die in custody after 'UNLAWFUL FORCE' by prison guards! Adam's family tell their story. The Medomsley Heroes, a brave band of abuse survivors from the same young offender's institution win damages from the UK Home Office. Their horrific stories are sadly entwined. VIEWERS COMMENTS: 'For all those who still pay for their TV licence, well this is what the BBC should be telling us all about. AND, THEY WELL KNOW THAT THIS GOES ON ALL OVER THE UK.'

BILLY & LILLY GO TO NEW YORK: Shocking Drama Documentary.
British Maverick documentary filmmakers shot to death on the streets of Manhattan. VIEWERS COMMENTS: 'Quality comes through'


SUN SEA & SATAN: Haut de la Garenne, Jersey: - An uncensored cutting edge adult documentary. - VIEWERS COMMENTS: 'Wonderfully brave expose. If only our leaders were so forthright. Time for change. God bless you Bill Maloney.' Victim


4WARD FOREVER THE HEROES: 'No Justice, No Peace' - An adult documentary cataloging the remembrance rally for families and friends of the victims of unlawful deaths in police custody. VIEWERS COMMENTS: I found this? documentary uplifting and gut wrenching in equal measure. Sometimes I can become overwhelmed at the enormous task ahead of us

THE STREET POLITICIANS: - "Do you trust politicians?" a unanimous "NO!" - Bill Maloney hits the streets of SE London on Polling Day to see what the 'real' people think. VIEWERS COMMENTS: Ordinary people saying it the way it is, how it should be. Nice one Bill and the team.


PALMER'S BOXING ACADEMY:  - 'Palmer's Boxing Academy' - BOXING'S BACK! Pie and Mash Films 'punch' for the boxing community. 'The Noble 'ART' of Boxing'. VIEWER'S COMMENTS: 'What a brilliant concept - the gym looks the nuts aswell, this is where champions are made ...Brilliant vid !!!'


THE KIDS PUNCH BACK: - An insight into the minds of three major  child abuse activists - "The truth as you've never heard it!" VIEWERS COMMENTS: So many important issues raised in this documentary, extremely thought provoking and crucial to the understanding of a most difficult subject - peadophilia.